Digital Marketing

Do you need a new website?

Yes? CLC Digital UK is here to help!

Do you have the time to update your current website?

No? CLC Digital UK is here to help!

How can CLC Digital UK help with your website design?

  • After having a discussion to work out exactly what you are after, CLC Digital UK can put your thoughts onto the screen
  • A WordPress or Shopify website, I am here to help

How can CLC Digital UK help with your website management?

  • You do not have to worry about finding the time to make any changes, just get in contact to discuss what you are after and everything can be done for you
  • Just the odd image or title change now and again can show activity is happening on your website, keeping visitors engaged
  • Arrange for monthly updates to be made and you won’t have to worry at all

What are the pros to handing your website to an external company?

  • If you need just a couple of updates every month or a vacancy added to your website, a full time employee that you have to pay thousands for can be expensive for a task that CLC Digital UK can do for just a small fee
  • Having an external company looking after your website means they are looking at it from a customer point of view.  They can see what they believe is or is not working and have the ability to update it as and when… with your permission of course!